Poster exhibition

An exhibition of posters will be held throughout Coal Ash Asia 2016. Abstracts of posters displayed at the event will be published in the conference proceedings. The conference organisers will notify you if your abstract has been accepted for poster presentation as soon as it has been reviewed by the organizing committee.

Posters will be reviewed and may be selected for a special session of oral presentations one to two months before the conference. Selected oral presenters will be notified by email or telephone at least 1 month before the conference.

Materials to hang your posters with will be available at the poster area. Set up time is to be announced.

It is advisable to have a representative available during the event to discuss your poster with attendees or media interested in your research. This is particularly useful during lunch and tea breaks, when the event experiences the highest amount of traffic in the poster area. Additionally presenters in attendance should prepare some copies of the paper and bring plenty of business cards, which can be distributed to interested participants.

Poster content and format
You are invited to submit a poster abstract on one of the themes of the conference for presentation in poster format. Posters submitted should be based upon original/ongoing research.

Complete the following form to submit your poster for consideration by the Organising Committee:

Poster Submission Form 2016

Enter the title of your poster/abstract in capital letters
Enter the name of the poster author(s) and principle affiliations. The presenting author should be named first.
A list of references is optional (no more than 3).
Please enter a primary contact phone number, including a country code
Abstract text of no more than 500 words. You may include the objective/purpose, method, results, and conclusion.

Poster Instructions: Guidelines
The regular poster size is 70cm (wide) x 90cm (high).
It is suggested that the text be typed using single line spacing, with high contrast (black text on white) using at least 14 point character size to ensure that visitors can see clearly from 2 meters.

If not attending the conference, the poster will be set up by conference staff and an abstract of poster will be included in the conference proceedings.