Board of Directors
The Association is led by a Board of Directors elected by the members. The Directors in turn elect a Chairman from amongst themselves to lead the planning and development of the Association. Directors serve a term of three years, and may be re-elected at the end of their term.

The Board has appointed a Secretary General which has formed a Secretariat to carry out the daily work of the Association. The current Secretary General is Madame Wu Xiao Huan and the Secretariat is housed on the campus of the China Building Materials Academy in Beijing, China.

Scientific Advisory Committee
The Board and Secretary General nominate individuals for consideration as members of the Scientific Advisory Committee. The Scientific Advisory Committee advises the Secretary General and the Board of Directors on content for events and publication, direction for Association research and may provide technical insight and guidance for Association members.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee include:

Prof. Wang Lan, China Building Materials Academy
Prof. Zhang Xuyi, Tsinghua University
Dr. Erik Severin, Vecor Limited
Prof. Cui Yuansheng, Building Materials Institute of Technology, China
Prof. Wang Dongmin, China University of Mining and Technology