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China International CCP Conference 2017
Four Season Pingshuo Hotel, Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province, China              September 22nd - 24th, 2017

This Year's Topics Included:
Fly ash high value utilization and disposal
Fly ash based geopolymer
CFB coal ash utilization
Cement and concrete
FGD gypsum high value utilization
Coal ash application in prefabricated construction
Coal ash domestic and international trade


Coal Ash Asia 2017

July 21-24, Beijing, Hebei, China

Hosted in the hometown of both AsianCAAand of our co-organisers at the Institute of Technical Information for the Building Materials Industry's head offices. This year we received immense support from the Baotou givernemnt, who was keen to promote global involvement for waste management and rare earth minerals. Adding to the discussion at this year's event were approximately 40 international delegates from countries including: USA, India,  Australia, Thailand, Japan, Poland, South Africa, Canada and Indonesia. An estimated 600 delegates in total discussed a variety of topics including

  1. Metal extraction Aluminium Extraction, Other metal extractions

      2. FGD Gypsum Utilization Gypsum drying and Calcination, Construction Applications: gypsum block, board, mortar, Agricultural           applications, High Strength Gypsum, etc

     3. Coal Ash Processing and Utilization Grinding, Classifying and Superfine grinding, Cement, Concrete, Wall Materials and Geopolymer, High Value Utilizations: Ceramics, Cenospheres, Fillers, sulphoaluminate cement CalciumSulphoAluminate

     4. Coal Gangue and Coal Chemical Residue Processing and Utilization

During Coal Ash Asia, our friends at Slag and Tailings Association of Asia were hosting their concurrent event Slag and Tailings Asia at the same venue. For more information on their proceedings, please visit:


World of Coal Ash - May 8-11- Lexington Kentucky

AsianCAA, in collaboration with ITIBMI (Institute for Technical Information for the Building Materials Industry), formed an international delegation who traveled to USA for academic and commercial exchange. AsianCAA promoted exchnage through their exhibition booth and presentation which touched on innovative technology and research in China. Our delegates enjoyed the multiple networking opportunities. Visit the WOCA website for more information on their bi-annual events and content.

Asia Pacific Conclave - March 17-18 - Kolkata, India

AsianCAA was a supporting organisation and participant in 2017's conference in India. With co-organisers, ITIBMI, we brought a sizable delegation to attend this event to discuss the topic matter of dry extraction and effective utilization of bottom ash and technological advances in other coal combustion products and emissions in thermal power plants. Please click the poster below for the overview of this year's event !


Sino Australia Coal Combustion Products Exchange

AsianCAA in collaboration with ITIBMI and our friends at CAS in Australia formed an international delegation who traveled to Australia this November 19-30th for an academic and commercial exchange.

November 19th – 30th, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Cairnes, Australia

Attendees included industry professionals from Chinese organisations such as:

·       Institute of Technical Information for the Building Materials Industry ITIBMI

·       Guizhou Mingchuan Fly Ash Co., LTD

·       Yuzhou Tonghui Industrial Composites Co., LTD

·       Zhu Ma Dian Tianxia Building Materials Co., LTD

·       Datong Coal Mining Co., LTD

·       Coal Ash Solutions

 A photo from the first stop on our CCP exchange tour. This facility is Millmerran Power Station, Co-located with Independent FLY Ash Brokers. Click here to review a summary of the visit.

A photo from the first stop on our CCP exchange tour. This facility is Millmerran Power Station, Co-located with Independent FLY Ash Brokers. Click here to review a summary of the visit.


Coal Ash Asia 2016

September 23rd - 26th, Shuozhou Shanxi Province China

With continued support from the Shuouzhou government and our co-hosts at the Institute of Technical Information for the Building Materials Industry in Beijing, AsianCAA has successfully completed our 4th year in Shuozhou City, a coal ash industry capital of China. This year introduced new and exciting features including our international panel session, including contributions from Indonesia, Russia, China, USA, Canada and Australia.

International Participants included:

  • Centre for Applied Energy Research (University of Kentucky) (USA)
  • LLC UMG Trading (Ukraine)
  • ECOCEM (Actiss Partners) (Ireland)
  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute/ ECOPOWER (Russia)
  • Tirta Samudera Caraka (Indonesia)
  • Aboitiz Power Corporation (Philippines)
  • Centre for Science and Environment (India)
  • Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Thailand)
  • Mae Moh Power Plant (Thailand)
  • Ozinga Brothers inc. (USA)
  • Sinar Mas Group (Indonesia)
  • University of Western (Australia)
  • Vecor Ltd (Australia)
  • Indonesia Consortium of Geopolymer Research (Indonesia)
  • CAS (Coal Ash Solutions) Hong Kong

CAS (Coal Ash Solutions), our business matching sponsors returned for a second time and facilitated business and research matching between over 30 parties within our 3 day event. Guests enjoyed trips to part of Shuozhou’s industrial park zone as well as Shuozhou’s Chongfu Temple which was built in the Tong Dynasty (approx. 1000 years ago).

We would like to thank all who participated and look forward to seeing you all next year!  Please check out our photo album for a glimpse of event activities.


Coal Ash Asia 2015

September 20th-24th

Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province, China

This year's event was a great success, continuing to grow in size and scope and serving the Association’s core mission of providing a global platform for knowledge exchange and market development. This year we were honored to welcome delegates, speakers and exhibitors from over 12 countries, representing the very best in global coal combustion products research, policy, business and technology.


  • International Chemical & Metal (ICM)
  • International Innovative Technologies(IITUK)
  • Japan Coal Energy Centre
  • PT. Tirta Samudera Caraka
  • Reid Technology
  • R V College of Engineering
  • Sarawak Energy
  • SRM University
  • Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
  • Vecor
  • and more!

International attendees included members from the following organisations:  

  • Adbri Masonry
  • Aluminium Extractors
  • American Coal Ash Association - ACAA
  • Ash Development Association of Australia ADAA
  • Asian Coal Ash Association – AsianCAA
  •  Bloomberg BNA
  •  Coal Ash Solutions – CAS
  • Centre for Science and Environment – CSE
  • Ceratech
  • Dorsey & Whitney LLP
  •  GSE Environmental


Photos from Coal Ash Asia 2015

Thank you to all content contributors

Coal Ash Asia 2014

September 23-27
Shuozhou City,
Shanxi Province, China

Coal Ash Asia 2014 brought together global industry leaders to share knowledge and develop highest value solutions for managing and utilising Coal Combustion Products. 

Researchers, managers, technology providers, technology buyers, power producers and governments gathered to develop deeper understanding of industry best practices and discuss the challenges and emerging opportunities in the CCP utilisation industry.

Attendees, exhibitors and speakers include industry and academic leaders from:

  • China National Building Materials
  • Tsinghua University (China)
  • University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (USA)
  • Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (Thailand)
  • JCOAL (Japan)
  • Shanxi Energy Group
  • Datang Power
  • American Coal Ash Association
  • Peking University
  • Beijing Building Materials Group
  • Adelaide Brighton (Australia)
  • Nuform Materials (USA)
  • Vecor Limited (Australia)
  • SphereOne (USA)
  • Coal Ash Solutions (Hong Kong)
  • Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo (Spain)
  • Ash Development Association of Australia


Coal Ash Asia 2013

Coal Ash Asia 2013 was held in Shuozhou, Shanxi, China from September 5th~7th, 2013. More than 500 attendees from 258 organisations and 12 different countries joined the 3 day conference, exhibition and seminars. 



September 5th – 7th
Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province, China

New technologies. New policies. New markets.

Asia’s premier conference concerning the science and business of coal ash utilisation.

  • Organized by: Institute for Technical Information for the Building Materials Industry, China
  • Hosted by: The Municipal Government of Shuozhou, Shanxi Province
  • In Association with the Asian Coal Ash Association

Letter from the Chairman - “Thank You for a Successful Coal Ash Asia 2013″

On behalf of the Asian Coal Ash Association I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all of the organizers, supporters and participants in Coal Ash Asia 2013.

There was exceptional attendance this year, with 528 participants from 258 enterprises, university and research institutes. The participation of international companies and researchers was especially strong, with more than 20 international delegates representing more than 10 different countries. The presentation topics and exhibits were interesting and diverse, and I was very impressed with the level of interest from local and provincial media.

Our priorities for Coal Ash Asia 2013 were the promotion of scientific exchange, the catalyzing of commercial collaboration and developing an improved communications platform for the global industry in Asia. Based on the overwhelming responses from domestic and international attendees, we are very pleased to conclude that, in achieving these goals, Coal Ash Asia 2013 was an undeniable success. This was confirmed by many attendees, including Dr. Thomas Robl, Director of the Center for Applied Energy Research at the University of Kentucky and one of the world’s leading experts on coal ash utilisation technologies. Dr. Robl concluded that “Coal Ash Asia 2013 was a very successful event. The new initiatives and relationships formed will have a meaningful impact on innovation and development of the coal ash recycling industry in Shuozhou, in Shanxi Province and globally. “

We would like to thank Shanxi Vice Governor and the People’s Government of Shanxi Province for their recognition and support of Coal Ash Asia and the Asian Coal Ash Association. We look forward to continuing our work to promoting industry developing in Shanxi Province. We would like to also thank Ms. Jane Caforio and the Australian Trade Commission in Beijing for their participation and support. Secretary Wang Anpang, Mayor Li Zhengyi, Vice-Mayor Han Zhongrong, Director Kong Qinghu and Dr. Zhang Zuotai led an extraordinary effort to bring together the government, businesses and people of Shuozhou in hosting a truly world-class event. The agreements we have signed for the R&D center, the Investment Fund and the Industrial Park promise a very bright future for the development of the solid waste recycling industry in Shuozhou.

Lastly, thank you for the hard work and dedication of Wu Xiao Huan, Secretary General of the AsianCAA, and her team from the Institute of Technical Information for the Building Materials Industry. Without their tireless work over the past 12 months, this event would not have been possible.



David Harris
Chairman, Asian Coal Ash Association
September 30th, 2013

Coal Ash Asia 2013 featured:

  • Introduction of a new 3 million square meter coal ash utilisation industrial park in Shuozhou City.

  • Launch of a 30 million USD coal ash investment fund.

  • Establishment of the Asian Coal Ash Research and Development Center

Participation by representatives of:

  • China National Building Materials Group
  • University of Kentucky Center for Applied Research
  • Shenhua Coal Group
  • Datang Power
  • Vecor Limited
  • Jinneng Group
  • Maleki Gmbh
  • Ash Development Association of Australia
  • Baosteel
  • Huaneng Power
  • JCOAL 


Coal Ash Asia 2012

Coal Ash Asia 2012 was held in Nanjing, China from November 6th~9th, 2012. The event successfully brought together academic, government and industry leaders in 3 days of knowledge-sharing, business development and networking.


Coal Ash Asia 2012 featured Presentations by:Coal Ash Asia 2012 was attended by representatives of:

  • Tsinghua University
  • Vecor Limited
  • Institute of Technical Information for Building Materials Industry of China
  • China Building Materials Academy
  • Shanghai Academy of Building Research
  • Japan Coal Energy Center
  • Greenpeace
  • China University of Mining and Technology
  • Wuhan University of Technology
  • Tongji University
  • Nanjing Efful New Material Science and Technology Co.Ltd
  • Shandong Huajian Equipment Science and Technology Co.Ltd 
  • China Datang Corporation
  • China Guodian Corporation
  • China Huaneng Group
  • Baosteel
  • China Huadian Corporation
  • Shenhua Group
  • Datong Coal Mine Group
  • Vecor Limited
  • Japan Coal Energy Center (JCOAL)
  • Shanxi Lu’an Group
  • Mengxi Group
  • Sinoma Group
  • Tongyi Ceramics
  • Anhui Conch Cement Company limited
  • China United Cement Corporation
  • South Cement Company Limited
  • Jidong Development
  • Zhejiang Tianda Environmental Protection Co.Ltd
  • Baotou East Hope Building Materials Co.,Ltd
  • YunTianHua Group
  • Guizhou Kailin Group
  • Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
  • Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation
  • Shougang Group

June 24-25, 2011 – Tech and Commerce: Fly ash in cement

The “Tech and Commerce: Increasing fly ash content in cement”, was held June 24th and 25th in Beijing. This seminar series focused on innovations, technical developments and commercial viability of increasing fly ash content in high-grade cement and concrete applications.

March 24-25, 2011 – Tech and Commerce: Fly ash derived aggregates

This Tech and Commerce seminar series focused on innovations, technical developments and commercial applications of fly ash aggregates.

When: March 24th-25th, 2011.
Where: China Building Materials Academy, Beijing
Members 500Rmb per attendee, including lunch
Non-Members – 1000Rmb per attendee, including lunch and associate membership in ACAA.
Contact: For more information, contact:
Amy Wu – [email protected]

Scheduled speakers include:

“Fly ash aggregates, applications and markets in China.”
Wu Xiaohuan, Building Materials Institute of China

“High-strength, light-weight aggregates: technical data from recent prototypes.”
Dr. Erik Severin, Vecor Limited

“Lightweight aggregates and lightweight concrete
Speaker from China Building Materials Academy

“Fly ash ceramite and wastewater treatment
Dr. He Shijun, Tsinghua University

“Fly ash ceramite: Processing and equipment
Speaker from Beijing Jianbang Weiye Co. Ltd

“Analysis and developments: Applications of high quality lightweight aggregates.”
Speaker from China Academy of Railway Sciences

Attendees included:

  • China Datang Corporation
  • China Huaneng Corporation
  • Handan electrity power station
  • Metech Inc.
  • Liaoning Environment Protection and Energy Saving Company
  • Inner Mongolin Sangu Co.
  • Suizhong Dadi Fengyuan building materials Co.
  • Shanxi Yang Coal Group
  • Anhui Huainan electrity power station
  • Shandong Zibo thermal power station
  • Datong Jiusheng recycling company
  • Xinjiang Huatian fly ash company

Coal Ash Asia 2010 

brought together key regional stakeholders to share knowledge and develop tangible solutions for optimal utilization of coal ash. Hosted in Beijing, China, Coal Ash Asia 2010 was a groundbreaking initiative to engage industrial, governmental and academic partners across the region.

Held concurrently to the 2010 China International Forum on Coal Industry, the Asia Fly Ash Conference focused on waste management, reduction and utilization. Technology providers, equipment manufacturers, researchers and industry stakeholders benefitted from leading-edge information and high-level business networking opportunities.


Featured Organizers and Hosts included:

  • Datang International Power Co., Ltd
  • Huaneng International Power Holding Co., Ltd.
  • Tsinghua University
  • China Building Materials Academy

Featured Speakers Included:

  • Tsinghua University – Professor Lian Hui Zhen:
    “Utilization and process of fly ash and desulfurized ash”
  • Vecor Limited – Mr. David Harris, Director of Business Development
    “Comprehensive high-value fly ash utilization: Sintered products and reclaimed minerals”
  • Tsinghua University – Professor Zhang Xu
    “Sulphur Dioxide and and Calcium Oxide Removal from Desulfurized Ash”
  • China Building Materials Academy – Prof. Chu Yan Sheng
    “High Utilization of Fly Ash in Cement”
  • University of New South Wales, Australia: Prof. Obada Kayali
    “High-strength, ligh-weight aggregates from Fly Ash”