Cenosphere Production to Increase Significantly by 2020

"Cenospheres Market - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2020”, a new report available at www.researchandmarkets.com since January 2016 delivers an inclusive analysis regarding global cenosphere trends.

Between 2015 and 2020, researchers expect the compound annual growth rate of cenospheres to grow by over 12% per year. At the end of this five year term, the market for cenospheres is said to be worth $572 million, globally. The demand for cenospheres in places like the U.S, and China are said to be the cause of this projection. Other countries whose demand for the product increases everyday are France, Germany, Japan and India. North America is the largest consumer of cenosheres, followed closely by Europe.

Cenopsheres are predominantly used by the oil and gas industries. Following this lead is the refractory industry, which is experiencing a heightened demand for furnace and construction applications. 

Expansion and the acquiring of resources appear to be the conclusion of the presented materials. China and India have developed within the market and have created high expectations within the Asian market as a whole. The Asia-Pacific region appears to be the most strategic as this region has undertaken a variety of initiatives. The increase in domestic participants and steady growth in local manufacturing are just a couple factors contributing to the expanding global cenosphere market.

You can find the report here:

Asian Coal Ash Association participation in World of Coal Ash

Nashville, Tennessee 

World of Coal Ash, the coal combustion product industry's longest-running international event, drew a record turnout this year with more than 800 attendees participating in short-courses, presentations and the largest ever exhibition held at the Nashville Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The Asian Coal Ash Association participated as an exhibitor at WOCA, promoting the upcoming Coal Ash Asia 2015 event. AsianCAA also assisted in the organisation of a delegation of industry leaders from China, in collaboration with ITIBMI and Coal Ash Solutions Ltd. AsianCAA chairman David Harris also participated as a keynote speaker and panelist in the plenary session.

The record turnout at WOCA 2015 was accompanied by renewed optimism amongst WOCA participants, widely attributed to the US Environmental Protection Agency's December 2014 signing of the final ruling on "Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals". This final rule supports the responsible recycling of CCRs by distinguishing safe, beneficial use from disposal. Following 6 years of extensive study on the effects of coal ash on the environment and public health, the final ruling delivers a degree of regulatory certainty around disposal, transportation and utilisation of coal combustion products. This regulatory clarity provides guidance and mitigates regulatory risk for industry stakeholders looking to make responsible investments in ash management and utilisation.