Coal Ash Asia 2016: A Summary

Asian Coal Ash Association, in collaboration with the Institute of Technical Information for the Building Materials Industry, would like to thank all of our foreign and domestic attendees for making Coal Ash Asia 2016 an outstanding event. With over 12 countries in attendance, this year stood to be AsianCAA’s most diverse event to date. Commercial and academic exchange through our business matching session (sponsored by Coal Ash Solutions – provided introductions and translation for over 30 different companies within the span of the 3 day conference. Adding to the occasion was our “signing of the contracts” ceremony, which included over 15 China based companies.

CAA2016 was comprised of 5 themes, almost all with simultaneous translation. Session 1 showcased Fly Ash technology, a favorite among the international attendees. Session 2 discussed the application technologies for desulfurization, gypsum and circulating fluidized bed residues. Those participating in our 3rd Session examined industrial solid waste utilization including coal gangue, slag red mud and tailings. For those interested in recycling technology of coal mineral resources, Session 4 offered a variety of applications and procedures being used in modern processing facilities. Lastly was our session based on cooperation, with special focus on integrated utilization of coal ash.

Feedback from our international attendees centered on the organizational aspects of the event, commenting on the smooth running and easily accessible features of Coal Ash Asia. Content was also highly commended, as most in attendance were amazed at the domestic and Asian approach to ash utilization and recycling.  Andrii Garanin, business development manager for UMG Minerals in Ukraine commented” China is at least two years ahead in ash utilization than anything I’ve seen in Europe. We have much to learn from the Chinese if we are to effectively bring solutions to Ukraine”.

Multiple networking opportunities including the annual welcome breakfast in Beijing, high speed train ride to Taiyuan, Industrial Tour in Shuozhou and tour of the Shuozhou Temple helped nurture meaningful relationships and collaborations.

Our international panel session, a new feature at our Coal Ash Asia event, was participated in by 5 countries including: Indonesia, China, USA, Canada, Australia & Russia. The open discussion between panelists gave global perspective of coal ash issues to all in attendance.  Topics covered in the discussion included driving utilisation by supporting established and emerging technologies, established technologies and overcoming the tyranny of distance.  Delegates spoke about challenges and opportunities for government, financiers and MNC’s in commercializing new CCP technologies. Another meaningful discussion pertained to international trade and commentators had much to say regarding supply and demand trends and developments including challenges and opportunities around standards and quality control as well as logistics and infrastructure investment.

Readers of this article should also have a look at our Coal Ash Asia 2016 photo gallery for a closer look at conference activities. Organizers and participants are now looking forward to Coal Ash Asia 2017, to be hosted in Baotou, Inner Mongolia.   

For access to 2016’s conference program, please email [email protected]