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Knowledge & Research

AsianCAA enables knowledge-sharing on sustainable construction materials and other applications of coal combustion products. Researchers and industry participants can use AsianCAA as a platform to share and promote their work, educate members as well as the wider industry ecosystem.

From a dedicated blog, to technical information, white papers, reports and research projects, AsianCAA has a number of tools to support the industry and provide relevant information on the production, management and beneficial use of sustainable construction materials.

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Technical Information

White Papers and Reports

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Research Projects

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White Papers, Reports & Technical Information

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Ash as an Internationally Traded Commodity

David Harris, AsianCAA

A white paper by David Harris, Chairman of Asian Coal Ash Association, which explains production and utilization of ash in Asia, as well as international trade opportunities and challenges.

Global Aspects on Coal Combustion Products

David Harris, Craig Heidrich, Joachim Feuerborn

A white paper jointly written by members of the World Wide Coal Combustion
Products Network to inform the public, industry and governmental entities about the beneficial environmental, technical and commercial uses of CCPs.

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