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Business Support

AsianCAA facilitates business support services for the benefit of its members. These services are delivered either in-house or through reliable, associated industry experts and third party service providers.

Members are eligible for discounted pricing/ special deals on a range of services.

Material Sourcing &


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Sourcing of coal combustion products and others (fly ash, bottom ash, cenospheres, slag, etc), quality analysis and evaluation of suppliers.

Technology Sourcing & Evaluation

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Sourcing of technology related to coal combustion products beneficiation, value added product manufacturing and supply chain, and evaluation of suppliers.

Market Development

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Finding the right industry partners for market development in Asia.

Technical Support for End-Users

Pouring Concrete from Above

Technical support for application and use of coal combustion products in cement, concrete (mix design) and other value added products.

Educational/Technical Workshops & Seminars

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Customized educational and technical workshops for companies/ groups by industry experts on various topics.

Third Party Inspection & Testing Services

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Third party inspection and testing services for materials through associated partner(s).

Legal Advisory

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Legal advisory services through associated partner(s).

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