Coal combustion product presentation in Bali, upcoming fly ash utilisation seminars in Jakarta

Bali, Indonesia

Coaltrans Asia, the largest coal related conference in the region, was held at the Bali International Conference Center in Bali, Indonesia from May 29th - May 30th this year. 

The conference organizers invited Mr. David Harris, chairman of the Asian Coal Ash Association, to join the meeting and make a presentation on trends in utilisation of coal combustion by-products (CCP's). Imbalances and disruptions in global supplies and demand for CCP's have generated renewed interest in opportunities for international trade, while coal miners and coal power generators are on the lookout for methods of cost reduction or alternative revenue streams in the face of depressed prices and increased pressure from renewable energy producers. 

The presentation covered trends in international trading of coal combustion products, including production and utilisation figures for regions around the world. Mr. Harris also provided an overview of existing and emerging technologies for producing higher value products from CCPs.

The presentation was well received with a number of industry stakeholders expressing interest in the sector. On the back of the high level of engagement, Mr. Harris and Mr. Bill Martin, a partner with procurement and advisory firm Optimus Management, were invited by industry leaders to speak at an educational seminar in Jakarta on July 27th.

The presentations will focus on utilisation of fly ash in construction materials and other applications. The seminars will be held at the Pan Pacific hotel in Jakarta from 10am - 2pm.

For more information on the event, please contact Mr. Cato, Nordskog