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Coal Ash Asia 2019

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

29-31 August 2019 - Youyu, Shanxi Province - China -

Coal Ash Asia 2019, co-hosted by AsianCAA, brought together global industry leaders to share knowledge and develop highest value solutions for managing and utilizing Coal Combustion Products.

More than 600 attendees from 14+ countries attended the conference, exhibition and seminar series in Shuozhou, Shanxi Province.

Researchers, managers, technology providers, technology buyers, power producers and governments got together to develop deeper understanding of industry best practices and discuss the challenges and emerging opportunities in the CCP utilization industry.

Invited attendees, exhibitors and speakers included industry and academic leaders from:

  • China National Building Materials Academy

  • Tsinghua University (China)

  • University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (USA)

  • Datong Coal Mine Group (China)

  • Huaneng Energy (China)

  • Jaycee (India)

  • Tesna Tech (India)

  • Shri Bajrang Power and Ispat Ltd. (India)

  • University of Western Cape (South Africa)

  • University of Warsaw (Poland)

  • EPRI- Electric Power Research Institute (USA)

  • Counto Equipment (India)

  • JCOAL (Japan)

  • Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand

  • National Institute of Low-Carbon Energy (China)

  • EKOTECH (Poland)

  • SRM University (India)

  • Adelaide Brighton (Australia)

  • Coal Ash Solutions (Hong Kong)

  • Peking University (China)

  • Gradient (USA)

  • Beijing Building Materials Group (China)

  • Mae Moh Power Station (Thailand)

  • SCG Siam Cement (Thailand)

  • Vecor Limited (Australia)

  • Ash Development Association of Australia

Conference Tracks in 2019

1. Coal Ash Processing and High Value Utilization

  • Grinding, Classifying and Superfine grinding

  • Cement, Concrete, Wall Materials and Geopolymer

  • High Value Utilizations: Ceramics, Cenospheres, Fillers

  • Sulphoaluminate cement CalciumSulphoAluminate

2. FGD Gypsum Utilization

  • Gypsum drying and Calcination

  • Construction Applications: gypsum block, board, mortar

  • Agricultural applications

  • High Strength Gypsum, etc

3. Coal Gangue and Coal Chemical Residue

  • Processing and Utilization

4. Metal Extraction

  • Alumina and other metal extraction best practices and methods

5. Slag and Tailings

  • Blast furnace and steel slag as well as ferrous and non ferrous metallurgical slag and tailings

Information Booklet:

Download PDF • 5.44MB

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