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Coal Ash Asia 2018

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

12-15 September 2018 - Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province - China -

The 8th annual Coal Ash Asia event, co-hosted by AsianCAA, was held from 12-15 September 2018 in Shouzhou City, Shanxi Province, China. The conference is to explore innovation in research and technology, as well as industry and markets trends concerning:

  1. Coal Ash Processing and Utilization: grinding, classifying and superfine grinding, cement, concrete, wall materials, geopolymers, high value utilisation, ceramics, cenospheres, fillers, calcium sulpho aluminate, proppants.

  2. FGD Gypsum: drying and calcination, construction applications, blocks boards, mortar, agricultural applications, high strength gypsum.

  3. Coal Gangue and Coal Chemical Residue: processing and utilization.

  4. Metal Extraction: aluminium and other metal extraction best practices and methods.

The conference participants included power station managers, ash and other CCP managers, academic institutes, researchers, building material manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, land reclamation engineers, logistics providers. investors, government officials, trade associations.

A special thank you to our international delegation (click organisation to visit website):

We would like to extend our humble gratitude to our friends at the China Building Materials Academy’s Institute of Technical Information for the Building Materials Industry, in Beijing. This year’s extension and construction of our annual products and services exhibition was our largest in Coal Ash Asia history, with over 50 exhibitors, and a welcome ceremony which included an orchestra playing on instruments made primarily from fly ash!

New to this year’s proceedings was our Technology Symposium track geared towards new technologies in fly ash, which included discussion on fly ash based aggregates, fillers, and ceramic tiles. Contributors to this track included: Prof. Chang Jiqing from Guangdong Penghu Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhang Jingjie from Shanxi Hujin Coal Electricity New Material Co., Ltd., Ma Liantao from Hengyuan Waste Utilization, and Peter Ma from Shandong Wei Tong Technology Co., Ltd.

Another new feature was our meeting dedicated to new FGD gypsum technologies. Content included alpha high strength gypsum and calcination methods. Contributors included: Prof. Duan Pengxuan from Guilin University of Technology, Prof. Xiang Lan from Tsinghua University, and Li Yushan from Shandong Pingyi Kaiyuan New Building Material Co., Ltd.

This year also welcomes esteemed contributor, Mr. Bill Martin, who led engaged attendees in his workshop, “Fly Ash Use in Road and Embankment Construction”. Here, Mr. Martin led the discussion for industry experts, who explained real-world projects of American and Australian fly-ash in road projects. Also discussed were new technology and applications in road engineering. Attendees were able to openly discuss and compare methods and approaches to road construction, and receive technical explanations as to the process of applying road and embankment technology from start to finish.

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