Indian State Government: Fly Ash as Exclusive Building Material

In a move to increase consumption of fly ash and promote more sustainable building materials, the state government of Odisha, in India, has set goals to exclusively use fly ash in all of its cement based building materials.  Nearly 25 million tons of fly ash are expected to be produced in India’s Odisha state in 2014, with a utilisation rate of approximately 61%. The government goal is to achieve 100% utilisation of fly ash within 5 years. The state government is taking steps to encourage and support entrepreneurs in fly ash utilisation, and the Chief Secretary has suggested that steps be taken to provide fly ash for free to manufacturers, and to promote fly ash based cement factories.  It is already mandatory that fly ash be used in all construction projects within 100 kilometers of any thermal power station. The state government will also prepare a schedule for replacing widely used earthen bricks with fly ash bricks. The state government itself has already discontinued use of earthen materials effective this April. The primary material used by government entities will now be a fly ash composition that is superior to earthen brick in both cost and lack of environmental impact.